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Is a Career in Construction Right for You?

For those who aren’t familiar with the industry, there are lingering perceptions around the nature of careers within construction. Some of them are positive, others are not. Ask someone outside of the industry and they’ll describe a construction worker based on old, tired stereotypes of the manual laborer, trudging along a construction site clad in dirty jeans and a hard hat.

Is that what you pictured? The construction industry of today is so far from those old labor-intensive images.

Instead, imagine working with the latest GPS and laser technology to dig and lay the foundations for a new office building, schools, apartments or just about any structure you can imagine? Or handling a robotic-based machine system with cloud based communications and technology interfaces, to measure and build infrastructure that a whole city or area will be depending on? oe construction tech and human touch blog

Sounds interesting, right? The bottom line is that construction isn’t for everyone, but it could be the right industry for you.

  • Do you like the idea of making a good salary, quickly? Skilled trade workers and equipment operators are among the highest paid in any industry.
  • Do you like the idea of working in an industry where jobs are plentiful, stable and aren’t likely to be going away any time soon? An industry that is diverse and welcoming of people at all ages and stages of life?
  • Do you like landscapes that change, projects that challenge you with new technology and devices, and some travel mixed in, with not a single office cubicle in sight?

Don’t look now, but you might be suited to a career in construction!

With established skills in construction, you can look forward to progression in your career including management opportunities, international projects which will take you to fascinating locations, and a constantly evolving industry that welcomes change and new tools to ensure that it is less the backbreaking work of the past and all about the technology of the future.

When it comes down to it, for the individual, there is a lot of job satisfaction in doing the kind of work that involves building something real: you can see it happening right before your eyes and know that you had a role in it. Compared to sitting at a desk pushing paper around, and where the outcome of your effort might never be seen, there’s a lot that is gratifying about construction industry roles.

Construction is a growth industry with a huge range of career opportunities, with a lot of more complex and technical roles becoming the norm. Companies like OE are working hard to recruit skilled construction workers but we also believe in training and mentoring younger, less experienced individuals, to help them become strong and contributing members of the industry.

We also like to engage with organizations like Career Explore, a group that helps high school students examine the possibilities of careers in non-traditional industries, exposing them to opportunities they might not otherwise be aware of.  The founder of OE Construction started with a construction based math class in high school and never looked back. It was on to a certification in Construction Management with a well known college here in Colorado. A bit non-traditional, working in construction during the daytime and taking construction based courses in the evening.  

You can get ahead in construction with hands on experience and if you want, college construction based courses, community college trade programs and other outside trade programs run by some of the best in the industry.  Don’t box yourself in, there are many options and you can direct the right path for you. All it takes is the initiative to learn, a commitment to working towards a goal and a good work ethic.

Currently, OE Construction is actively seeking workers in the following roles: Equipment Operators, Laborers, Pipelayers and we’re always looking to discover and grow new talent.  Check us out at http://www.oeconstruct.com, call, email or come by our Golden office to fill out an application.

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