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Breaking Barriers: Girls in Construction

As of right now, only about 9% of the workforce in construction is made up of women. That’s 1 out of every 100 workers. There are a lot of reasons for this disparity, including the perception of construction as being a traditional male job, bias in hiring and workplace cultures that don’t favor women.

However, the many opportunities available in construction for women, with tremendous growth opportunities to learn new technologies and work in an ever evolving landscape, are important. The starting salaries alone make a career in construction worth considering:

  • Brick Masons $80,000;
  • Project Manager $90,000;
  • Estimator $75,000-$90,000;
  • Architect $75,000;
  • Electrician $58,000;
  • Civil Engineer $81,000;
  • Drone Operator $82,000;
  • Tower Crane Operator $77,000.

Does it matter if construction is a diverse industry?

In a word, yes. The benefits of creating more gender diversity in the construction industry go well beyond the notion of supporting basic human rights, providing lucrative opportunities to everyone and inclusion. There is a “bottom line” economic benefit for the industry as well.

“…according to the Peterson Institute, companies who were in the top 25% in gender diversity of their workforce were 46% more likely to outperform their industry average.” (Source)

 What can companies do to become more diverse?

The kind of change that is required to create a more diverse and inclusive hiring process and work environment is the kind of institutional change that only happens when it’s embraced at the highest levels of an organization.

At OE Construction, we believe in a balanced workforce that better reflects our society and we are excited to work with organizations like “Transportation & Construction GIRL”, through the HOYA Foundation, to promote careers in construction for women.

OE Construction at transportation girl and construction girl 2018
Laura at OE Construction connecting with young women

In addition to scholarships to promote the education of girls to join the construction and transportation industries, the HOYA Foundation runs a spectacular event to highlight to girls the advantages of choosing a career in the construction / transportation industry.

This July, the Foundation will be hosting Career Days for Girls: “Over one week, girls – ranging from eighth grade to 20 years old – make five stops to engage with women, ask questions and tour work sites. Each company puts together a day long insight into their company and into the industry.”

OE Construction is proud to be a Gold sponsor for this event.

What qualifies a girl to participate in Career Days for Girls?

  • The candidate must be female, between the ages 13 – 20.
  • They must have transportation to host companies and a parental release and consent form signed.
  • Each participant will write short essay at end of week.
  • There is no cost to participate if selected, but with only 12 spaces per session, it’s important to get in your application by the deadline of May 3rd!

The future is bright for girls and women to become part of our growing and fascinating world of construction, one which shows no sign of slowing down and which offers opportunities for its workforce that are unparalleled in other industries.

OE Construction at Construction Girl 2018
Terri and Laura working the OE Construction booth


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