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OE Construction Corp Congratulates Dave Ruddy on Winning the Tony Dietrich Safety Professional of the Year Award

We believe in Safety First, and so do the people who work with us.

Back in February, Dave Ruddy shared his 2019 wish list for safety and this is what he had to say:

“Focusing on safety is as important as focusing on craftsmanship, quality and production. My sincere desire for 2019 is that each employee would be strong enough to say no to unsafe work environments, that each employer would be diligent in providing each employee the knowledge and tools they need to conduct their work in an efficient and safe manner and that safety professionals would be encouraging to employees and employers. Safety is not about compliance, safety is all about the human desire to accomplish a common goal while performing work efficiently and safely.”

While many experts are more talk the talk than walk the walk, it’s our honor to work with a professional who clearly does more than provide lip service to a fundamental aspect of our business: safety.

The Associated Builders and Contractors Rocky Mountain Chapter (ABCRMC) gave Dave this award for his active work in making changes to the safety record at Pinkard Construction.

What safety endeavors earned Dave this award?

  • Dave created a Silica Safe work process;
  • He helped to establish a subsidized purchasing program for prescription safety eyewear for field employees;
  • He developed a personal pre-task safety plan that includes hard hat tethers to lessen or eliminate injuries or property damage;
  • He created audio-visual site-specific safety orientations in English and Spanish that are far more impactful and address different learning styles, bringing greater employee engagement in overall safety.

One of the things that Dave does particularly well is to share his knowledge, best practices and unwavering focus on worker safety. He wants to engage everyone in an organization, from the newest person in the field to the executive suite, in understanding and embracing the importance of field safety for workers and for the organization as a whole.

Dave’s past and present work with local organizations drives home this last point:

Dave is extensively involved in local and national safety organizations, including ABC Rocky Mountain Safety Chair (two years), NUCA Safety Chair (four years), member of ASSP (11 years), and a member of ASAC (7 years).

The ABC’s annual award event looks to recognize an individual who has an exceptional commitment to safety in construction. The award is judged by a group of industry professionals including representatives from insurance and bonding, safety consulting, and other safety professionals from the general contracting and subcontracting communities. The award is named for the late Tony Dietrich of dcb Construction, who helped pioneer dcb’s safety program. Tony was also a past chairman of the ABCRMC safety committee.

We here at OE Construction Corp. are proud to work with Dave Ruddy: he represents the best in our field and his level of excellence was rewarded accordingly. Thank you Dave, and congratulations!

Safety by choice, not by chance OE

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