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OE Construction has been a part of the Colorado Workforce Development program called CONSTRUCTION CAREERS NOW since August of 2016.  The program offers training and education about the construction trades and industry to men and women that are new or have limited knowledge about the industry. There are individuals who have some construction experience, many who are looking at a new career path and the program is open to anyone with an interest in joining the construction industry.

CCN Career Fair #4The only requirement is that individuals make a commitment to the training and education program and have an interest in getting ahead in the construction industry. This new construction workforce is serious about beginning a career in construction as they have gone through the Construction Careers Now curriculum at the Central 70 Career Training & Resource Center in Denver, CO.

During the 3rd week of the training program, individuals have an opportunity to meet and discuss work opportunities with a variety of construction companies and professions at a career fair.  OE was a part of the latest career fair that was held on November 7, 2018. 

What a great group of people OE was able to meet with and talk about careers in construction!  At the latest job fair there were General Contractors, Subcontractors for a variety of construction trades, State of Colorado departments looking for new employees and a number of industry professionals.  We were inspired and impressed with the individuals that were attending the career fair.  OE is passionate about our industry and construction.  What a great opportunity to talk about what we do with individuals who want to join our industry.   

CCN Career Fair #2Where can I go to get more information about the program?


What construction companies participate in the Colorado Construction Careers Now program?


Why enter the Construction Careers Now Program?

  • Construction Careers are in high demand
    • 33,000 employees are needed in the construction industry in Colorado over the next 6 years
  • You could start your career in the next 30 days!
    • Meet contractors at the hiring fair in the 3rd week of your program
  • Industry Sponsored Tuition
    • No cost to participant
  • Well-paid Careers
    • No student loans!
  • Choose from a variety of trades and career paths within the industry
    • No experience required
  • Learn the latest construction technology

Construction Careers Now Curriculum

  • OSHA
  • Construction Overview
  • Basics of Measurement
  • Layout & Level
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Traffic & Erosion Control
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Materials Estimating
  • Hand & Power Tools
  • Framing & Sheathing
  • Concrete Formwork
  • Concrete Reinforcing
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Electrical Theory
  • Electrical Installations
  • Materials Testing
  • CDL & Heavy Equipment
OE Construction Corp, Recent News and Events

Job Site From A Drone Aerial View

By OE Construction Corp.

When OE was asked to capture our progress on a large 40-acre site preparation job site recently, we said “sure, let’s get the drone in the sky and show them what we got”.  Well, take a look, it’s pretty impressive when you look from above.

Learn more about us on our website!

Colorado 811
OE Construction Corp, OE Safety Topics

Safety First – New 811 One Call Law

By OE Construction Corp.

Colorado 811

Did you know the new Colorado law for 811 is changing?  OE Construction is a part of the 811 process since we have to verify existing underground utilities on a daily basis. This new process will help bring more accountability to the industry and KEEP MORE PEOPLE SAFE.
811 Logo
The new law, effective on Aug. 8, 2018 will give everyone involved in the One Call process a voice in how the law is followed and implemented here in Colorado.  Read more below…..

The 2018 One Call legislative changes focused on four areas:

  1. The new law eliminates any distinction between Tier One and Tier Two members. This means Colorado 811 will be a true “One Call System”. The new membership structure is mandatory on January 1, 2019 and existing Tier Two members will have until January 1, 2021 to convert their membership status to Tier One and update their underground facility registration with CO811. All Tier Two members are encouraged to transition to Tier One membership prior to 2019 (Tier Two members will be required to submit a registration form for Tier One membership).
  2. The 2018 law created a Colorado Damage Prevention Safety Commission. Once established, the Colorado Damage Prevention Safety Commission will be responsible for reviewing complaints from stakeholders and enforcing the provisions of the new One Call Law which can include imposing penalties for violations of the law and advising stakeholders on best practices and policies to enhance safety while improving efficiencies. The Commission will consist of 15 appointed stakeholder representatives who will meet at least quarterly to review and resolve complaints filed by stakeholders. A new penalty schedule has been defined in the One Call Law and the Commission has the power to fine any stakeholder who does not comply with the state One Call Law, except for Home Rule cities. Home Rule cities can choose to accept the Safety Commission guidelines and rulings or establish their own Commission for local enforcement.
    Colorado 811 Event Sept 2018
  3. Excavators have a voting representative on the CO811 Board of Directors. Under the new One Call Law, excavators will have three seats on the Commission; two through the CO811 excavator membership and one through the Colorado Contractors Association. Excavators are encouraged to immediately join CO811 as a member to gain representation and have a voice on the Commission. Elections for CO811’s commission seats will be held from July to September. The excavator membership fee is $100 per year.

    Colorado 811

  4. Implementation of a Subsurface Utility Engineering ticket will provide the design and engineering community with more consistent information and responses from Facility Owners (FOs). FOs will have up to ten days to respond directly to the design/engineering firm with documentation, which may include facility location information, maps and/or a facility locate. The design/engineering firm must pay the FOs directly for these services. As with the current Engineering Ticket, excavation activities cannot occur with this ticket type.

OE Construction Corporation is an Excavator Member with Colorado 811.


OE Construction Corp, OE Expert Series

The Expert Series #2 – Using GPS and Machine Control in the Field

By OE Construction Corp.

When OE builds larger construction sites (typically over 5 acres in size), we incorporate a number of tools and technology to move the dirt around and prepare the site for the next step in construction.  The next step might be a building(s), installing a liner (for disposal and oil and gas locations) or preparing the site for future development.

First OE creates a 3 dimensional computer software model of the work from the construction plans (for the civil portion of the work).  This includes the excavation, subgrade and finish grade model of the site and if required the building foundations, landscaping, walkways, drainage areas, parking areas and other site related items noted on the civil plans. This 3-D model includes “layers” created for each portion of the job and is specific to each machine used to build the site. Each machine “layer” of information is transferred to a memory stick, USB type storage device.  These “layers” are what make up the “machine control” instructions for each piece of equipment to be used on the job.  Typically the heavy equipment used are loaders, dozers, motograders, skid steers and in some cases excavators/trackhoes.  The information is then transferred to each machine via the USB storage device (basically plugged into the on-board system/control box in each machine).

Before the process can begin in the field, i.e. actually building the site and moving the dirt, OE will establish a number of control points across the job site.  In addition, we will add a GPS base station to the job site, which is needed to communicate information to the equipment and establish the correct GPS positioning of the machines during the construction process.
Trimble Tablet OE Construction USING 3-D MODELING, GPS TECHNOLOGY AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT MACHINE CONTROL IN THE FIELDEach machine has a visual display area that communicates what is happening outside the machine to the operator in the machine.  The operator is able to view the progress real time, including what the on-board control system is moving on the machine.  For example; the on-board control system will move the blade on a motograder, the bucket (including the angle) on a loader, the depth of earthwork cut (for all equipment), and so on.

The grade checking is verified a number of ways, including using a special tablet with the job site data and a grade checking GPS enabled grade rod or you can also verify with the machine itself.  Once the project is complete, OE will compile a master as-built of the site using all of the machine “layers” that were built during the project.  In some cases, we can also resurvey the site with a drone and verify the results to the original plan, in about half a day.  Wow, if we used the old fashioned way of surveying the site it might take a week to get the final verification.  Using this technology can save the customer time, money and is thousands of times more accurate in achieving the final site layout.

If you want to see this technology in action, give us a shout – chris@oeconstruct.com (303) 526-0621.



technology in excavation OE Construction
OE Construction Corp, OE Expert Series

The Expert Series #1 – Using Technology in the Field

By OE Construction Corp.

Imagine a 3D model of your dirt job that can fit in your pocket. Really, it’s possible!

OE Construction is implementing this tool from the earthwork takeoff and modeling software company AGTEK (www.agtek.com).  OE has used the AGTEK 3D and 4D takeoff and modeling software to prepare our earthwork bid proposals for the past 10 years.  As we move our field equipment and staff to utilize even more “just in time” technology, here comes a great application called SmartDirt.

technology in excavation OE Construction

Basically, we take the project 3D model that the OE Estimator has created with AGTEK from the 2-dimensional civil plans and transfer the data to the OE end user’s smartphone or tablet.  Now the equipment operator, laborer, grade checker, foreman and anyone with access to a smart device can now see the 3D layout of the project site plan.  OE can make faster and more knowledgeable decisions, real-time while standing on the job site.

How much cut, how much to flatten the building pad, how long is the haul, are we at grade? These are just a few of the questions we can answer real-time using the SmartDirt application and a smartphone or tablet. We can even tie in the data with an OE drone topo and OE electronic GPS machine control (we’ll discuss these options and technology tools in our next blog).

SmartDirt communicates grade and inspects the model with the 3D visualizations that move with you across the job site. OE can add photos, notes and share the date with the OE team, whether you are in the office or at the job site.

If you want to see this technology in action, give us a shout.